Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cleaning house

I often struggle to keep my desk clear while I'm at the festival -- one of the hazards of working in a storage closet (ironically) is that there isn't much space left over for storage. But this year I've managed to do a fairly good job, arranging everything into neat little piles and ruthlessly casting off unnecessary papers at the end of the day.

If you were to look at my desk now, all you'd see would be a dozen copies of the paper, two magazines, two large catalogues, three or four small catalogues, one industry guide, a camera, a watch, a polka-dot umbrella, a cup of coffee, a pair of headphones, several business cards, a DVD, a guide to speaking Czech (which I haven't touched since I got here), a note pad, invitations to a handful of industry events, a hair clasp and my sunglasses.

This is a personal record.

However, every morning I come in with the suspicion that fairies have somehow been adding stuff to my desk. Or possibly my editor. Or else the newspapers have started spontaneously reproducing, because they are stacked up in messy piles that I definitely don't remember leaving there last night...

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