Thursday, June 30, 2011

KVIFF: Day 0

The view from my bedroom window.
I should have taken pictures yesterday, when everything was gleaming and bright. Today's our first full day of work, and--like clockwork--we awoke to rain and a significantly cooler temperatures. But weather in KV is like weather in New England: If you don't like it, just wait ten minutes.

No complaints from me about the weather, though. I'm on the fourth floor this year (fifth floor, by US standards) and it gets a little toasty in my room. It turns out I've actually got a room to myself this year--the initial assignment was a mistake. It gave me a twinge of a picked-last-for-kickball sort of feeling for just a minute, but there are plenty of advantages to having a solo room.

Another view.
It's fairly spartan: all white walls and blonde wood. It's a narrow room, just wide enough to hold one small table, one wardrobe (with one high shelf and two hangers), one small trashcan, and one bed (white pillow, white duvet). High on the wall opposite the bed is a tiny blue-green painting, the one spot of color in the whole room.

I've been spoiled in years past by having to share my bathroom with only one person. This year, my shower is at the end of the hall. But it's a clean, well-lighted place and it's much closer to the Hotel Thermal (where the press office is located) than the hotel we stayed at my first year on staff. That one was halfway up a very steep hill and it was a brutal walk at the end of a long day.

Someone from the film office just walked in with two of the videos I'd requested, so I've got to run. More later!

The inflatable theater from another angle.
Espace Dorleans: the inflatable theater.

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