Thursday, June 30, 2011

KVIFF: Day 0 -- part two

I escaped from the office about an hour ago and saw that the rain had cleared up. The breeze is still cool, which is fine by me, especially if it lowers the temperature in my bedroom.

We had the usual first-day issues, but all in all things seem to be running smoothly. I hesitate to type that, lest I end up jinxing the process, but it looks as if we'll be out of here before 11, making this a less-than-14-hour day all together, which is excellent, especially for the first day.

One of the exciting developments this year is the renovation of the open-air outdoor cinema, which has been out of commission since before I started working here. Its opens tomorrow night with a free screening of Jane Eyre, open to the public -- as opposed to the simultaneous invitation-only screening in the Grand Hall. I was tasked with writing the photo caption and was hit by one of those moments of great and terrible genius:

Open Air Opens with Open Eyre Opening.

Obviously that's not the one we went with.


  1. Why did you NOT go with that? Epic, nerdy, amazing caption.

  2. Because we're not Variety, Annie. But I was still pretty pleased with myself. :-) Did I tell you the director of JE is here? Any questions you'd like me to throw his way?