Tuesday, March 23, 2010

News Bits

The More Things Change: A Heritage Foundation analysis of three recently published U.S. government PD documents suggests that major institutional changes are unlikely. News that government bodies have failed to articulate any significant changes, opting instead to stick with mildly tweaked version of existing policies, may shock as many as two people.

PD on the QT: A U.S. News & World Report op-ed suggests that public negotiations will harm U.S.-Israeli relations: "If issues are to be resolved, it will happen only through private channels and private dialogue." Because nothing derails international communication faster than open, transparent interactions, evidently.

Love the Player, Hate the Game: Global enthusiasm for President Obama hasn't translated into foreign policy success, according to the Wall Street Journal. Popularity-diminishing rumors that he dated that weird girl from third period have failed to improve the situation.

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