Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Time to Dance

A number of news organizations are reporting the first performance of the American Ballet Theatre in Cuba since 1960.

ABC News: "Call it ballet diplomacy. Last night, 35 American dancers performed pirouettes and leaped across a stage in a theater in Cuba named for Karl Marx, bridging a political divide that hadn't been crossed in half a century."

Reuters: "This visit is the latest attempt at cultural  diplomacy between the two ideological foes as they search for common ground after five decades of hostility."

Hmmm... Seems a little enthusiastic to me. I'm all for mixing tutus and diplomacy, but I think the BBC News' take was a little more realistic: "While relations between the US and Cuba are showing signs of thawing, the US administration has yet to signal an end to their lengthy trade embargo of the island."

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